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Gorgeous Bohemian Gypsy Patchwork Skirts ~ Stevie Nicks Inspired Skirts ~ Shabby Chic Skirts ~ Bohemian Wedding ~ Plus Size Clothing

Emerald-Fairy Lynn Enchanted Emerald Forest Designs

Emerald Fairy Lynn from the Enchanted Emerald Forest ~ Alternative Wedding Clothing & Gypsy Clothing & Bohemian Stevie Nicks Inspired Clothing – Custom Made Too in just a few days

More Gorgeous Original Designs ~ now available in store ~ click the Banner to ENTER STORE

One Off Original Designs ~ by Lynn

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my gorgeous designs – visit store for more pics

Bohemian Gypsy Skirt

Blue White Patchwork Boho Skirt – custom made for you

Pretty Shabby Chic Stevie Nicks Inspired Clothing

Custom Made Bohemian Clothing by emerald-fairy Lynn

Bohemian Wedding Skirt

Peach Pink Gypsy Boho Skirt – Casual or Formal Lace Skirt

Custom Made White Velvet & Lace Garden Wedding Garments

Beautiful White Velvet and Lace Alternate Garden and Beach Wedding Plus Size and Petite Size

Mix & Match – Wear them after your special Wedding Day


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Gorgeous Patchwork Cream & White Bridal Gown

I Love what I do 🙂


I just wanted to share this pretty photo I did while playing around in Photoshop. It’s so much fun being creative and spending your time playing around, a busy mind is a happy soul I think!  (Except for full moon’s and bad days – lol)



This is one of my favourite designs, a collection of different fabrics into what I call patchwork. This outfit is in cream & white and absoutely stunning. I have made patchwork in different colours and you can see them in my web site Patchwork Photo Album at www.enchanted-emerald-forest.com




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Love & Light emerald-fairy Lynn