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Understanding & Getting Along with People

It all starts with us


Understanding people is a journey all on it’s own and one feels like they need a degree in psychology at times to cope with every persons individual energy.


During my life and whenever I had conflict my mother used to say “and what did you do?”.   This instantly annoyed me and I could feel the blood pressure rising with the attitude of it never being my fault but always the other person. It wasn’t until later in life after I explored my “spiritual journey”  I knew what she had said was right and it must have been a message to remember and seek the knowledge and understanding on later in life.


It was and is my fault if I ever have conflict and here is the knowledge on why I can see this now.


We are all just pure energy and vibrations. What we give out effects everything around us, when we are happy the world around us is happy when we are sad, angry, hurt the vibrations effect the very air we breathe.


Every living thing is connected to every living thing by fine filaments of light energy. We are aware of this energy of living things even though sometimes we are unaware of its nature.  Have you ever walked into a room and known you just wanted to get out of there, feeling instantly uncomfortable picking up on some unseen energy force that made you want to run away?.  Have you ever met a new person and instantly felt a dislike from the person or in other cases felt like you were drawn to them and wanted to be with them more?.


We all radiate out energy and hurting people hurt people. Some souls are going through their own hard lessons in life, so rather then be angry with a hurtful person what they really need is understanding and compassion. As soon as someone is nasty to you, it’s because they have something going on in life they are just not coping with.


There is no conflict if you just try kindness regardless of what’s going on in the world around you as kindness is a powerful tool in the mixed up energy of life on earth.  I try very had to make Kindness my Ideal and live by it, now that is easier said then done, but mixed with compassion – based on your own experiences – forgiveness – based on you would like to be forgiven your errors, so why not forgive others theirs and tolerance – based on acceptance that each soul is on their own like journey and understanding – based on everything you know in your life up to this point. Drawing on your experience to understand others.


Be Kind to all living things including yourself is one of my fairy mottos

Beauty Life Knowledge Wisdom

Beauty Life Knowledge Wisdom


Flowers in the Garden of God


People are like flowers in the garden of God
Some are just seedlings being nurtured in the soil
Some are like buds with their hearts tightly closed to the sun
Not yet giving of their beauty and fragrance

While others are like roses in full bloom
Souls open to the sun
Receiving the light and giving it to all who pass by

So we need constantly to remember:

That we are all Flowers in the Garden of God

All at different  levels of growth
Understand and see all people are on their journey, just like you and me they battle every day to achieve some state of awareness from their experiences