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Psychic Mind – Psychic Powers – Clairvoyant -Learn to Listen

We are all psychic – the word psychic means soul.

To develop psychic/soul intuition one has to learn to listen and hear the guidance, it takes time but does happen it’s a matter of perseverance, patience, intuition, and practice and being aware of coincidences even though there are no coincidences but a synchronicity of energy that takes place when we ask or need help…remember the saying “ask and you shall receive” .  Ask and then take notice – be aware of the people you meet the messages they have for you as everyone is a messenger. Listen & Hear!!…

We all have Angels by our side all all times we are never alone connected to all things – all vibrations – our mind has the ability to travel these vibrations like tuning in a radio station, that’s why some can hear because they have tuned in their mind.

In life we have lessons to learn to “meet ourselves” and in that we find out greatest strengths and weaknesses. As we reach out to help others we heal ourselves. If you want to know your future “creative visualise” what you want it to hold and you will bring it to fruition, but also remember to “be careful what you wish for”. Always remember to keep your thoughts and mid pure to tune into the highest vibrations and become your own psychic.

Listen ~ Listen ~ Listen!!