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Pretty Lace Victorian Gothic Chokers & White Bridal Victorian Chokers

Enchanted Emerald Forest Designs by emerald-fairy Lynn

Enchanted Emerald Forest Designs Unique Clothing

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New Additions to My Enchanted Store

Pretty Lace Victorian Gothic Chokers & White Bridal Chokers

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Romantic Roaring Twenties Ivory Garden Wedding Gown – “Exclusive Design” Size 14

Another Beautiful Enchanted Emerald Forest Designs Creation

Romantic Roaring Twenties Ivory Garden Wedding Gown – “Exclusive Design” One Only ~ Size 14  Bust 40″  Now Available in Store

To See this Pretty Patchwork Dress Click Here to Visit My Store

Ivory and Apricot Roaring Twenties Style Garden or Beach Wedding Dress - Size 14

Romantic Roaring Twenties Ivory Garden Wedding Gown - "Exclusive Design" Size 14

Romantic roaring twenties look
The bodice features a gorgeous butterfly brooch
Peals cascade from the butterfly across the front of the dress
Patchwork panel in the front
Decorated with Lace, Pearls, beads, Roses & Bows
Double Hankie Hemline in Lace and Chiffon
Trimmed in fine lace
The Back features a french cream ribbon tie
This pretty sleeveless dress would look prefect with a Ivory Bolero, Shawl or Jacket
See my other pretty garments if you would like a matching jacket

Medieval Gypsy Fairytale Wedding Chiffon & Lace Bridal Gown ~ Custom Made

Gorgeous New “Fairytale Bridal Gown Creation”  from emerald-fairy Lynn

Enchanted Emerald Forest Designs Australia

Weaving Magic into Fabric & Posting Pretty Dresses Worldwide

Medieval Gypsy Fairytale Wedding Gown

Stunning White Bridal Lace & Chiffon Wedding Gown Set

To See this pretty dress set  CLICK HERE to Visit My Enchanted Store

Beautiful Unique Patchwork Summer Dresses

New Creations from emerald-fairy’s workshop

Every so often I have a creative time using up bits and pieces I have around and this year I created these pretty patchwork dresses ~ First off I made myself a pretty new dress and then I created these for my store.

They take ages to create, as each is a “work of art” unique and as individual as the soul that will one day fall in love with the dress of their choice..to see these pretty dresses for sale

Visit  www.enchanted-emerald-forest-designs.com.au

Emerald Fairy’s Pretty New Patchwork Dress


I made this pretty dress about 4 years ago and wore it everywhere as it was so comfortable and pretty.  I wore it so much I thought people would think it was the only dress I owned!!

I look after my clothing and it still looks nice and new but I was getting a bit tired of wearing it..so

emerald-fairy's old patchwork dress

emerald-fairy's old dress

So…I made a pretty new dress and here it is.  These gorgeous patchwork dresses take ages to make with a few hours hand sewing, but when they are finished they are like a work of art.  I love my new dress 🙂

emerald fairy's pretty new patchwork dress

emerald fairy's pretty new patchwork dress

Pretty Patchwork in Ivory & Apricot

Close up of the gorgeous patchwork on emerald-fairy's new dress

As well as my own pretty new dress I made a few for my store

CLICK HERE to visit the Enchanted Emerald Forest

Velvet & Chiffon Medieval Garden Wedding Gown

I just made this gorgeous burgundy velvet medieval wedding gown for one of my fabulous fairy customers. This lovely gown can be made in many different colours and sizes so visit Enchanted Emerald Forest Designs Australia if your looking for Unique Clothing, custom made just for you 🙂


CLICK HERE  to enter the Enchanted Emerald Forest


Beautiful Burgundy Medieval Wedding Gown

Beautiful Burgundy Medieval Wedding Gown


Love & Light emerald-fairy your on-line sewing fairy

Custom Made White Velvet & Lace Garden Wedding Garments

Beautiful White Velvet and Lace Alternate Garden and Beach Wedding Plus Size and Petite Size

Mix & Match – Wear them after your special Wedding Day


Now in my store!!





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emerald-fairy’s peanut pillow head rest

Revival of the Famous Peanut Travel Pillow

It was sometime during 1980 when my friend opened her Chemist Shop on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. She didn’t have much money for stock in her new Chemist Shop so I decided to make her some peanut pillows as my mother had given me one and it was a great item for traveling.

Well I was like a woman possessed making loads of them, the room was full of peanut pillows. Back in those days cut of bits of foam were used for filling not easy soft toy filling we have today.

My boyfriend came home from work and there I was in the bedroom surrounded by colourful peanut pillows and foam from here to kingdom come, the stuff was everywhere. Grahame made me stay in the bedroom while he vacuumed me and the entire room to get all the fluff and bits of foam. I guess you just had to be there, but it was so funny.

Feeling proud of myself I was off to Janice’s Chemist shop, a car full of my peanut pillows with dreams of making a few extra dollars. They looked great in the shop and this was back in the days when Chemist shops didn’t really carry gift lines like they do today, in those days the shops were pretty standard medical supplies and a bit of makeup.

Well I waited and waited, months later still no sales. I think it was a year later when Janice was upgrading her store and the peanut pillows came home. So every family and friend birthday and Christmas gift was of course a peanut pillow. Maybe I was just a bit before my time as in later years I did see some in Chemist shops although they were skinny under fed peanut pillows not plump and inviting like mine.

One of them was given to a friend who found a great use for it, she had a new baby and used to put the baby on the pillow for feeding, she said the shape was good and the baby fitted perfectly in the peanut shape. I have a blue dolphin one in the car, you never know when you need a head rest, they are great to sit behind your head while traveling

Last week DJ my nephew asked if I would make him a peanut pillow for his Scout bus trip and of course Poppy wanted one as well. So I downed tools and made the two requested pillows for Poppy and DJ. (Poppy is Gary’s dad who is raising the kids).

They loved them and of course the other two boys want one too.

The next day while working away doing my customer clothing orders all I could think about was peanut pillows. My creative energy was tuned in and I downed tools again and like a woman possessed off I went in a creative frenzy but in the back of mind was a reminder of the last attempt to become rich making peanut pillows!!

So I made a few and satisfied my creative lust and here they are. At least with modern technology we now have better filling so no one had to vacuum me.

I hope you enjoyed my story.

Love & Light emerald-fairy

your on-line sewing fairy ~ Where I weave magic into fabric so you can feel the magic too

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Burgundy Velvet & Lace Fairy Dreams Peanut Pillow
Burgundy Velvet & Lace Fairy Dreams Peanut Pillow

Beautiful Mother of the Bride Outfits

This lace is stunning, so soft and dreamy to wear.  It falls gracefully and I am excited about creating a new range of Mother of the Bride and Formal outfits with this lovely lace.  I want to match it with printed chiffon and incorporate my creative patchwork ideas into soft flowing skirts, tops and matching jackets.  Three piece outfits that can be worn with many other garments you have in your collection.



The first I have made was for a lovely lady client in Queensland and her comments were;  Thank you so much for the beautiful outfit Lynn, I love it!!! and feel lovely in it. The lace is so soft!!. Will send you some pics of my sons wedding. Its going to be a wonderful time for us all. I was looking for months for Mother of the groom outfits, thank goodness, I found you!! Kindest regards Kathy.



So visit my Enchanted Stores and soon they will be available with all my creative energy and colours!


Beautiful three piece Rose Pink Ensemble

Beautiful three piece Rose Pink Ensemble