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Stevie Nicks Style Long Medieval Hankie Coat ~ Lace Top Chiffon Hankie Fairytale Wedding Jacket ~ Bohemian Gypsy Coat ~

Emerald-Fairy Lynn Enchanted Emerald Forest Designs

Emerald Fairy Lynn from the Enchanted Emerald Forest ~ Alternative Wedding Clothing & Gypsy Clothing

More Gorgeous Original Designs ~ now available in store ~ click the Banner to ENTER STORE

One Off Original Designs ~ by Lynn

see more pics in store ~ www.enchanted-emerald-forest-designs.com.au

Lace & Chiffon

You can order a similar jacket in any colour ~ Just email emerald-fairy Lynn

Fairy Gyspy Wedding Jacket

Bohemian Gypsy Lace Tie Top with Chiffon hankie Skirt