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Life on a Tight Budget

Living on a tight budget


My Mum lived through the great depression way back in the 1930’s and even though today we appear to have an abundance of anything we need I still remember her initiative and creativity when I was young. Her influence was a good example for me as I  always remembered how to “make something out of nothing” or learn to improvise and use my talents.


I can remember my mother moving into a house and the pull down blinds were a dark brown color. She took them down and painted them cream and put fringe on the bottom they looked really great. She made all our clothing and even made my undies!!  bloomers cotton bloomers!!  gees I remember them well.


My mum would take one chicken and boil it up with onion, mixed herbs, salt, pepper and add some rice and we would have chicken soup. Then she would bake that chicken for a baked dinner.  That same chicken was used for salads and the shell was given to Dad who sat at the kitchen table and took all the meat off the bones and all that bones and all were put into a saucepan and made into a curry.  The end result was dad sitting there eating his curry and all that remained of that chicken was a pile of bones.

I did the same thing (before I gave up eating chickens)  but I took it a step further. I made vol au vonts out of the flesh.  I took some bread, cut the crusts off, buttered one side with home made garlic parsley butter, pushed the bread into patty cake pans and baked for about 10 mins. While that was baking I made a white mornay sauce.


Tablespoon of Butter – Heaped tablespoon plain flour – stir over heat until it’s combined (flour needs to be cooked a bit to get the flavour right) and add milk to the consistence you want not too thick and not too thin – Add salt, pepper, and a touch of nutmeg – Add chopped up chicken and put the mixture into the bread cases – top with grated cheese and back into the oven until golden brown.  Served with a salad this is a great meal.


I can remember different times in my life when I was so broke and during these times I was inspired by what I had learnt from my Mum I can remember doing the markets with my clothing and what I sold was food money, some weeks there wasn’t much food at all so one chicken or some mince went a long way.

In 2008 we bought our house and that’s when things got really tight for a time. Our house needed curtains, but I couldn’t afford new curtains so I bought some Calico. Calico Curtains are great, inexpensive and can be dyed or tie dyed to achieve a great effect. Garage Sales are great as one mans trash is definitely another mans treasure, I loved going to garage sales and once with $5.00 in my purse I asked Gary to stop at a garage sale “why do you want to stop there” he replied “you don’t have any money”  well I had $5.00 and found a perfect cane letter basket for $1.50.  It kept me amused for the rest of the day while I painted the basket pink. It’s still here and used everyday to store stuff in. Painting things always gives them a lift and painting something old can be a rewarding experience. 



I am sure there would be lots of stories people can tell about how they achieve life on a budget, so share your story if you like


Now the chickens are substituted by lentils  they are really cheap and you can make heaps of things out of lentils.


 One day when we were visiting Mum and Dad we had curried lentil pies for lunch, dad remarked how nice the pie was and I piped up and said “yeah dad and it’s not meat it’s lentil’s” imediately I felt a kick under the table from mum with a vibe of don’t tell him that or he won’t eat it. Lucky he’s a bit deaf!!


Oh and I still have the deep burgundy dyed Calico Curtains!! 


Love & Light emerald-fairy  Lynn

Helping Neglected Little Animals

Help the little Animal Souls

Help the little Animals


Hi, to all you animal lovers.



The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily so they can meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals.
It takes about 15 seconds to go to their site and click on the purple box ‘fund food for animals for free’. This doesn’t cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.


Here’s the web site!  Please pass it along to people you know. http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/


Every little thing we do does make a difference 🙂


UPDATE; – To the Person with IP Address

Instead of leaving spam messages on this post all the time, why don’t you do something Spiritually Constructive with your life and click on the link to help the little animals and may the Angels & Fairy’s Bless your day and guide your way. For you are never alone not for one second in time.

A Battle with Junk Food

Over Christmas I put on a few kgs. but then again I guess many of us did.  I really want to loose the extra Christmas weight, but everyone around me is having birthdays. These are different party’s not like my days in Sydney where it was dinner and drinks these are kids party’s with lots of chips lollies and soft drink. How things change with age.



Well off to Nana’s we go and there they are on the table Chips yumm Dips yumm and then out comes the soft drink.. I say “no thanks”  being strong but wandering past the table I pick up  a handful of chips lay on the lounge savoring the taste.  Now the devil has me by the hand, over to the table again more chips a bit of dip and a healthy looking tomato cheese savory biscuit.



Feeling full and content now, we go outside to watch the noisy kids playing. Three boys DJ 11, Ricky 8 and Adam 5. Gary is playing footy with the boys in a small concrete back verandah (no yard) where the football hits the barbecue the table, the roof, and with a constant “be careful” from Pop who’s birthday it is the kids continue to have fun with their Uncle Gary.



Then it’s dinner time, vegetable pasties, salad and then ice cream, chocolate mud cake and lollies  Ahhh!! 



I know better, but it’s so hard to listen to that still small voice within that always knows what’s best for you.



We don’t have any junk food in our house as it’s too tempting and my diet (which I battle) is Vegetarian.


I dislike vegetables so I make a vegetable soup and barmix or puree it just because I know it’s  good for you and in my opinion that soup is the elixir of the God’s. It gives you energy, a sense of well being, settles frayed nerves, heals anxiety and keeps you regular.


Treats in our house are puff pastry sheets with thin sliced apple on top with a little bit of sugar and cinnamon baked in the oven and served with Soy Ice Cream.



The only reason I am careful with food is;



Soft Drinks full of sugar give me hot flushes, its a menopause thing and I don’t know what the experts say with all their studies but sugar definitely give me severe hot flushes. When I cut down on the sugar the hot flushes are mild so all I have is cups of tea and water, water, water..not fair..not fair at all. Chips are full of fat and super yummy but too many of them and I feel sick apparently its because when you give up something the body isn’t to keen on having it back again in some cases, like alcohol, I cannot stand the taste of it anymore and I used to love bourbon or wine.



Two things one shouldn’t have according to all that I have studied is fat or fried food and sugar. Of course these are always so nice to eat. It’s not that I am a health freak, its just that these things have an effect on me so I have the choice to listen to my higher inner self who knows what is best for me or the little devil within who always gets me into trouble and then I suffer, it’s the simple Universal Law of Cause and Effect


The next birthday party is May when there will be three in a row all Gemini’s so I have until May to loose the extra kg before more chips, dips, lollies and cakes.


emerald-fairy’s Elixir of the God’s Soup Recipe – great for kids who won’t eat vegs!!


Big saucepan – depending on how much you want to make

Carrots, Potato, Pumpkin, Onion, Capsicum, Celery, Peas, Broccli and anything else you have around can go into this soup.


Season with salt, pepper, mixed herbs, bay leaf,  Chicken Cubes (for vegetarians use Massell Soy Chicken Cubes)


When cooked, the trick is to puree or bamix so it doesn’t look like vegetables and serve with parmesan toast or puff pastry cut into strips glazed with milk twisted and sprinkled with grated cheese black pepper and parmesan…yummm!! 


Your kids will get their vegs and I swear my all that’s good and holy it gives you a sense of well being  it’s true!!