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Reincarnation – Past Lives?

After posting the entry about the bushfires, I thought it fitting to share this page taken from various sources of knowledge that crossed my path over the years. After falling into my current career I had no formal training as a dressmaker but found it so easy and on many occasions without the aid of patterns. One day I was making a cape for man and while sewing on the clasps I could see in my minds eye a picture of me sitting in a little store in England in dim light sewing on clasps for a cloak I was making for a  customer, at that moment I knew I had done this before. So many times when working and trying to figure out a technique it comes back and there appears an inner knowing of what to do.



From the Mouths of Babes – Children remembering past lives


  Eternal Life   Eternal Flame


Man will journey many times, to the plane of Earth To unfold his God-Like Perfected Inner Nature


Reincarnation ~ Past Lives?

The doctrine of “Cosmic Justice and Reincarnation” is as old as time itself and is a belief held in many religious groups in the world, except Western Christianity.

The Early Christians believed in it, and the Gnostic sect kept alive the “secret” teachings of early Egyptians and Jews, but after several centuries the leaders of the early church decided to drop the doctrine of reincarnation.  Why?  Because it made life seem complex to new converts, and because some who misinterpreted its philosophy tended to believe that they could live as they liked, since they would have ample opportunity to atone in future lives.  

All writings revealing this doctrine,  have been edited from the New Testament, except for the term “Unless a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven”


From the  mouths  of  babes

Children have an innocence about them, and once born into the Earth plane, they are to experience and grow, to Unfold as a Flower in the Garden of Creation.

Some of these children have memories, of past lives, that they express to bewildered parents from a very early age.  Some maintain a talent from a past life, so are considered brilliant, a child prodigy, there are many documented cases from children, who have remembered.

Little Sukla was born in 1954and when barely able to talk, she began cradling a block of wood or a pillow and calling it Minu.  When asked who Minu was, she replied it was her daughter.  As the little girl grew up, she related many aspects of her past life, her family, her husband and her little daughter Minu; she even named the town she lived in.

At age five, the child pleaded so insistently that her father inquired of the town and the people she spoke of, and found that they existed.  The little girl visited with the supposed former husband and daughter, and this so deeply aroused her emotions that she pined for them between visits.                                              



A little boy called Parmod, remembered his former life, and from an early age spoke of his other family, and the biscuit and soda shop they owned in a town called Moradabad.

At five, he supplied many details about his former family and had remarkable knowledge of biscuit making, and said he died from eating too much curd.

His parents ignored his entreaties to visit Moradabad.  But through others, word reached the other family, eventually Parmod and his father made the trip to the other province, to discover he could recoginise the entire family, and verification that he had died from gastrointestinal illness after gorging himself on curd.


A little boy in England, spoke of the day, the train knocked him over.  He had been playing on the railway track when he was very young, the tracks had moved catching his foot, and then the train knocked him down.

The child said he lived in a house across from the railway track, then finally after repeated  discussions, the parents took the child to the town.  He showed them where he lived and
where the train knocked him down. The parents researched his story, and sure enough, the tragic accident had happened many years before.


As reincarnation is a strong belief in India, these children, have greater remembrances.
As I have researched this area, I found, the only reason we do not remember, is because we are not spiritually advanced enough, in believing, in that which we cannot see.

Mankind has been on a spiritual evolution and is progressing along a very slow path toward perfection. The journey along this path is for every flower to unfold. From “just being”   to “becoming”   a  Master  of  Our  Own  Minds.

Our mind is first linked to Consciousness
All that we Think – All that we See – All that we Feel – All that we Do

Our mind is also linked to Subconsciousness
All that we cannot see, but yet we feel.  Like Intuition, Awareness, Inner Knowing

Our mind is also linked to Universal Consciousness

The Key that opens this door is;  Faith – Power of  Will
Here, are the answers for the most complex problems we face here on earth, this is the Universal Knowing.  It is through linking to Universal Consciousness, that we can remember, and know many things.  A Spiritual Advancement that will come to all mankind, but is available now for those who wish to learn, to submit their will, and ego to further the climb along the Spiritual Ladder of  Purification of the Inner Self, and how many life times would that take any of us!. That is the “Dome of Perfected Man”
Jesus stated a Master Mind can trace himself back and thus he knows