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Spiritual Stories of Beautiful Animal Souls

Beautiful Spiritual Stories

Spiritual Stories are always a joy to share, here are a few stories that have passed my way over the years. I hope they touch your heart the same way they have touched me.  Feel free to copy & paste and share them with souls that are close to you.  Authors Unknown           Love & Light  emerald fairy – Lynn


Lizard Love ~ This is a true story that happened in Japan.

In order to renovate the house, someone in Japan tore open the wall. Japanese houses normally have a hollow space between the wooden walls. When tearing down the walls, he found that there was a lizard stuck there because a nail from outside was hammered into one of its feet. He saw this, felt pity, and at the same time he was curious.

When he checked the nail, turns out, it was nailed 10 years ago when the house was first built. What happened? How had the lizard survived in such a position for 10 years! In a dark wall partition for 10 years without moving, it is impossible and mind boggling.

Then he wondered how this lizard survived for 10 years without moving a single step–since its foot was nailed! So he stopped his work and observed the lizard, what it had been doing, and what and how it has been eating. Later, not knowing from where it came, appeared another lizard, with food in its mouth.

Ahh! He was stunned and at the same time, touched deeply. Another lizard had been feeding the stuck one for the past 10 years…Such love, such a beautiful love! Such love happened with this tiny creature…What can love do? It can do wonders! Love can do miracles! Just think about it; one lizard had been feeding the other one untiringly for 10 long years, without giving up hope on its partner.

 If a small creature like a lizard can love like this…

 Just imagine how we can love if we try.


Swans and Geese

This is quite touching, so sweet and beautifully written.

Where we live, on the Eastern shore of Maryland, the gentle waters run in and out like fingers slimming at the tips. They curl into the smaller creeks and coves like tender palms. The Canada geese know this place, as do the white swans and the ducks who ride an inch above the waves of Chesapeake Bay as they skim their way into harbor. In the autumn, by the thousands, they come home for the winter.

The swans move toward the shores in a stately glide, their tall heads proud and unafraid. They lower their long necks deep into the water, where their strong beaks dig through the river bottoms for food. And there is, between the arrogant swans and the prolific geese, an indifference, almost a disdain.

Once or twice each year, snow and sleet move into the area. When this happens, if the river is at its narrowest, or the creek shallow, there is a freeze which hardens the water to ice.

It was on such a morning, near Osford, Maryland, that a friend of mine set the breakfast table beside the huge window, which overlooked the Tred Avon River. Across the river, beyond the dock, the snow laced the rim of the shore in white. For a moment she stood quietly, looking at what the night’s storm had painted. Suddenly she leaned forward and peered close to the frosted window.

“It really is,” she cried out loud, “there is a goose out there.” She reached to the bookcase and pulled out a pair of binoculars. Into its sights came the figure of a large Canada goose, very still, its wings folded tight to its sides, its feet frozen to the ice. Then from the dark skies, she saw a line of swans. They moved in their own singular formation, graceful, intrepid, and free. They crossed from the west of the broad creek high above the house, moving steadily to the east.

As my friend watched, the leader swung to the right, then the white string of birds became a white circle. It floated from the top of the sky downward. At last, as easy as feathers coming to earth, the circle landed on the ice. My friend was on her feet now, with one unbelieving hand against her mouth. As the swans surrounded the frozen goose, she feared what life he still had might be pecked out by those great swan bills.

Instead, amazingly instead, those bills began to work on the ice. The long necks were lifted and curved down, again and again, it went on for a long time. At last, the goose was rimmed by a narrow margin of ice instead of the entire creek. The swans rose again, following the leader, and hovered in that circle, awaiting the results of their labors.

The goose’s head lifted. Its body pulled. Then the goose was free and standing on the ice. He was moving his big webbed feet slowly. And the swans stood in the air watching. Then, as if he had cried, “I cannot fly,” four of the swans came down around him. Their powerful beaks scraped the goose’s wings from top to bottom, scuttled under its wings and rode up its body, chipping off and melting the ice held in the feathers. Slowly, as if testing, the goose spread its wings as far as they would go, brought them together, accordion-like, and spread again. When at last the wings reached their fullest, the four swans took off and joined the hovering group. They resumed their eastward journey, in perfect formation, to their secret destination. Behind them, rising with incredible speed and joy, the goose moved into the sky. He followed them, flapping double time, until he caught up, until he joined the last end of the line, like a small child at the end of a crack-the-whip of older boys. My friend watched them until they disappeared over the tips of the farthest trees. Only then, in the dusk, which was suddenly deep, did she realize that tears were running down her cheeks and had been for how long she didn’t know.


This is a true story. It happened. I do not try to interpret it. I just think of it in the bad moments, and from it comes only one hopeful question: “If so for birds, why not for man?”

A Poetic Experience

I read somewhere we have animal totem guides throughout our lives.  Special Animals who touch our very Souls. Here are some of my poetic experiences  written at a time when I was deep into spiritual meditative thought.


Stormy (little Blue Bird died 8/2/2002)

You lay in my hand, your body limp and your breathing so hard
I asked my guardian angel to take you on your last journey
At the very moment I asked, you stood for a second in time
Put out your beautiful wings turned to look at me
Then you fell, and as you started to fall I said through tears of despair
I Love you, I love you and you were gone

A piece of my own heart had now left my body
My Love was going with you for eternity

I see your lifeless little body in my hands
But in my heart I see you fly off my lap
I can feel the wind on my face from your strong wings
Next you turn and fly straight up
Your powerful wings gaining in strength
And in slow motion you ascend through the clouds towards the sun
I wait and watch you disappear into the light

I look into the light and I see you greeted by a myriad of white doves of great beauty
They surround you, excited because you have come home

But I,
I am still here, feeling lost and alone,
My heart is hurting and I feel the memories and all that you were to me
You gave me great joy and happiness I will treasure for all time
And I know that one day I will make that flight towards home
And one of the beautiful white doves that welcomes me
One of those beautiful doves will be you

Part Two of the Journey   ~ Animal Heaven

Moon Beam

My Faith in Heaven…….The Vision Moon Beam died 26/2/2001

My Moon Beam, my joy, my little blue bird, boy

When the time came for the white doves to guide you safely home
My heart once again fell
Yet my faith cried out deep from within, your place in the universe verified

And then the vision came, how blessed I am to see vision
You were flying home accompanied on all sides by white beauty, like flashes of light they surrounded you 

Landing and resting; excited by your return you chirped happily to your Angelic friends.

Appearing there is a man, older in time, dressed in a long white gown with large sleeves, his face with grey whiskers and his long hair in curls, he has the Wisdom of the Times and the Compassion of the Ages.

You flew to sit on his extended arm, and I watched you walk down the garden path. You were chatting and asking him questions, excitedly you were surrounded by Love. He gently chuckled and smiled at you resting on his arm “All in good time” he said and chuckled along the path, while you never drew breath from your excited chirps and questions.

Arriving at the gate, a magnificent golden gate, scrolled lace work of the purest gold opened up to reveal colour beyond comprehension. Every bird of every colour was in this garden of brilliant light, the colours of the rainbow gleamed in front of you.

You sat on the old man’s arm, looking, trying to absorb this place of beauty, knowing everyone, but not knowing what was next.

From all the Wings of Love, a little blue bird landed beside you, and then another came to see. It was ‘Stormy’ and ‘Mother Bird’, your companions from the earth plane.  In an instant you had found you place within creation.

The old man raised his arm “Now off you go little ones” he commanded with Love

It was then, you entered the Rainbow and My Heart was Full of Joy


 Moon Beam

With ‘Stormy’ and ‘Mother Bird’ your body will lay
Beneath the Branches of the Shady tree
White Doves fly in spirit
To take you home free

Fly in haste little one
Towards Heaven and Home
Your spirit stays with me, I am never alone

For God loves his creatures
All great and small
And I know he called you home after all

Spirit and Soul he gave you
Blessed that I be

You came and spent time and now you are free

Footnote; It was through this experience I knew without a doubt Heaven was so real and so beautiful and one day we will all be together again.