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About Me


Hi and Welcome to My Place in Cyber Space

I will share some really great designs as I create them  ~ so stay tuned!!


emerald-fairy  Lynn your on-line sewing fairy and deep thinking  Aquarian

I am a Creative Aquarian Soul who has been on a journey through life, making mistakes and searching for something.

I found a wonderful talent inside myself at middle age and since that time I have flowed like a river. Life is just so much fun now. I have connected with my soul my inner self seeking learning and trying to apply wisdom and grace. I learnt so much  I now realise that as far as Universal Knowledge goes I really don’t know very much at all.  But I realise know thyself and to thy own self be the truth & be kind to all living things including yourself is a journey in itself.

That’s it!!   You can only change they world by being an example of what kind of world you want to live in.

I Found My Inner Gift!!

Everyday I make pretty dresses for people all over the world. I Love what I do creating wedding dresses and pretty garments for ladies to wear. I have a few pretty shops on-line selling my creations.

I Love – Modern technology and the World Wide Web and it’s through this experience I became the emerald-fairy. When I first started on the internet many years ago I used to visit chat rooms and there you needed a user name. I choose emerald-fairy as it seemed appropriate with my business name Enchanted Emerald Forest Designs. The name also was a constant reminder to live the spiritual principals I had read about, always be kind no matter what is going on. Become the emerald-fairy and do what fairy’s do ~ make people happy.

I love Animals of all sorts, but my favorites are birds and pussycats and what did the universe send me..Heaps of Lizards…Geckos in the house and Water Dragons outside the house.


My Enchanted Web Sites & Stores

My main web site with a basic store – featuring photos of some of my lovely customers


My Enchanted Store – the most popular store



I also sell on Bay as emerald-fairy  Enchanted Emerald Forest designs

and Etsy as Enchantique  ~ showcasing my Shabby Chic Patchwork Fashion

I also have a personal site where I share my spiritual thoughts, ideas and knowledge. You can visit me at www.emerald-fairy.webs.com

Thanks for Visiting

Love & Light emerald-fairy Lynn from the Enchanted Emerald Forest