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Why the world seems troubled ~ it’s always transforming

I thought this was worth sharing as we all wonder why the world we live in can be so hard at times ~ this guy seems to have an idea on the subject.  My idea is to create your own Heaven on earth and live the principal of  “be kind to all living things including yourself”

Knowledge is the road to understanding.

Peace on Earth starts with you.

And as a wise man once said “be in the world not of the world”

which simple means ~ don’t do what they are doing ~ do what you do and be a good example to those around you 🙂

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Emerging from the Dark Daze,

By Bill Chisholm

Warning! Dark Daze Ahead, Behind and In Between.  Needless to say we are living in some pretty chaotic times, much of the turbulence caused by our dwelling in the dark daze of unconsciousness, of disconnect from reality, disconnect from Nature.  Dark, the absence of  Light and Daze, a foggy state of consciousness, where one can’t see or think clearly.  That combination of things means we are really stumbling in the dark, falling all over ourselves, upsetting everything around us.  We’ve been in the Dark Daze, since the time of Adam and Eve, or when man was given the idea he was the center of the Universe. The Dark Daze intensified with the industrial revolution and grew to its ultimate disconnect from Nature following World War II to the present..

Like the Earth’s tectonic plates shifting, releasing the tension between competing forces a similar experience is happening on the Cosmic plane, where plates of consciousness are clashing with each other.  If you embrace the interpretation of the Mayan Calendar that says these are the times wherein Integrity replaces Power as the model of human consciousness; then what we are experiencing are the quakes and shakes of those two ways of being transitioning .  Military and economic power is a deluded state of being; it is a false, albeit destructive form of power.  It is transitory and will fade away.  Obsession with Power is the ultimate Dark Daze, an unenlightened way of being.  Integrity implies quite the opposite, an enlightened and conscious way of being where in one’s actions mirror the awareness of connectedness, of the unity of all things.  Integrity implies respect, Power lacks that virtue.

The good news is that the dark days of the Dark Daze are coming to an end.  Greed, arrogance and willful ignorance, the hallmark of Power, of the Dark Daze are fading as the Light of Integrity shines on them. The structures and institutions that embody them are coming apart at the seams.  They are not sustainable; they are collapsing of their own ineptitude, their irrelevancy in the evolution of human consciousness.  Economic and political structures are starting to unravel.  They have brought about much pain, anguish and destruction during their lifetime and could bring about more during their demise.  They will not give way easily. A shaman warned me to stand back as these dark dragons go through their death throes.

For those who don’t get caught in the fear and drama of the Dark Daze and are willing to bring light to bear on the darkness, they can help facilitate a quicker transition to the age of Integrity.  It is not an “if” the transition from the paradigm of Power to Integrity will happen; it is just a matter of how dark and painful it will be before things lighten up.  The more and the tighter we hang on to old structures and beliefs, the harder it will be.  The longer we allow the illusion of “externalities” to be accepted as standard operating procedure the longer it will take and the longer it takes the more challenging will be the process.  Externalities are the impacts of our actions that we are not willing to accept responsibility for.

Integrity implies respect, responsibility and reciprocity.  Those three Rs are the road out of the dark days of the Dark Daze.  Respect of all beings, taking responsibility for the impact of our actions and reciprocity, recognition of the importance of giving back.  Emerging from the Dark Daze is not a top down operation.  Integrity need become the norm at every level of human interaction, with each other and the rest of Nature.  Like giving birth it is going to be a bit painful as power gives way to integrity, as the dark gives way to the light.  As Eckhart Tolle reminds us, it is important to remain present in the Now, to remember that the light and the dark are part of the whole.  Don’t fight power with power, diffuse it with integrity and love.

The transition, this emergence from the dark daze, will at times be intense.  We as individuals may be confronted with fear, with anger and even hate from the fearful.  In dealing with those situations, first and foremost remember to breathe; it is the breath, the prana, the sacred life force that will get you through.  Breathe deep into the center of your Being and focus on the Light, not the Dark.  Hold on to your Integrity, your Light, it is the most powerful tool at your disposal.  Know that things may get more chaotic before they get better, but the more we incorporate integrity into our lives, the sooner calm will prevail.  Remember to hate the sin, but love the sinner.

While there certainly are lots of dark clouds out there, there is also a great deal of light.  People are waking up; they are reconnecting with each other and with Nature.  The local food movement around the world is perhaps the most obvious sign of a shift away from power toward integrity.  It is at the level of food, that we are most connected to the Earth.  There has been serious disconnect in that relationship as it came under the influence of those obsessed with power, but it is shifting back.  Feed yourself, feed your neighbor, feed the Earth; that is reciprocity.

Be thankful and full of thanks, demand integrity from yourself and from those around you.

We are emerging from the Dark Daze.