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Emerald Fairy’s Pretty New Patchwork Dress


I made this pretty dress about 4 years ago and wore it everywhere as it was so comfortable and pretty.  I wore it so much I thought people would think it was the only dress I owned!!

I look after my clothing and it still looks nice and new but I was getting a bit tired of wearing it..so

emerald-fairy's old patchwork dress

emerald-fairy's old dress

So…I made a pretty new dress and here it is.  These gorgeous patchwork dresses take ages to make with a few hours hand sewing, but when they are finished they are like a work of art.  I love my new dress 🙂

emerald fairy's pretty new patchwork dress

emerald fairy's pretty new patchwork dress

Pretty Patchwork in Ivory & Apricot

Close up of the gorgeous patchwork on emerald-fairy's new dress

As well as my own pretty new dress I made a few for my store

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