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Archive for December, 2009

Beautiful Unique Patchwork Summer Dresses

New Creations from emerald-fairy’s workshop

Every so often I have a creative time using up bits and pieces I have around and this year I created these pretty patchwork dresses ~ First off I made myself a pretty new dress and then I created these for my store.

They take ages to create, as each is a “work of art” unique and as individual as the soul that will one day fall in love with the dress of their choice..to see these pretty dresses for sale

Visit  www.enchanted-emerald-forest-designs.com.au

Emerald Fairy’s Pretty New Patchwork Dress


I made this pretty dress about 4 years ago and wore it everywhere as it was so comfortable and pretty.  I wore it so much I thought people would think it was the only dress I owned!!

I look after my clothing and it still looks nice and new but I was getting a bit tired of wearing it..so

emerald-fairy's old patchwork dress

emerald-fairy's old dress

So…I made a pretty new dress and here it is.  These gorgeous patchwork dresses take ages to make with a few hours hand sewing, but when they are finished they are like a work of art.  I love my new dress 🙂

emerald fairy's pretty new patchwork dress

emerald fairy's pretty new patchwork dress

Pretty Patchwork in Ivory & Apricot

Close up of the gorgeous patchwork on emerald-fairy's new dress

As well as my own pretty new dress I made a few for my store

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