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Why do good people die?




We have just experienced nature and all its fury as we lost many souls from their life experience. The country is saddened and for many  it becomes a defining moment as their lives will be changed forever. Some may choose to stay and rebuild their homes and others will move to other locations.  When any disaster befalls us on earth, we see souls at their best and worst. It also is a reminder of  our own mortality,  some of us will be reminded of people we have lost in our life times. Many of us believe in Heaven as a place where souls go when they die, a beautiful place where people and animal souls are surrounded by Angel’s and Universal Love. To many of us this is a beautiful real idea so I believe in times when we feel saddened is truly a time to draw on Faith that we are not alone, that this is just a place we stay awhile until its our time to return home to the place we call Heaven.

When any disaster befalls us individually or collectively in our despair  we sometimes wonder why. The big question that many ask is “Why does God let good people die?”.  I used to ask this question as well until I read a book that explained an answer I understood.  Here is a quote from that wonderful source of knowledge.



Taken from The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi H. Dowling

 An Interesting Answer to an Age Old Question – from a book that I found inspired me, It’s not from a religious affiliation but rather from a Universal Source of Knowledge.



A Great Storm on the sea destroys many lives and a man questions Jesus

If God rules the worlds and all that in them is, did he not bring about this storm? Did he not slay these men? Has he not brought this sore distress upon these people here? and was it done to punish them for crimes?  Did God bring on this all because these men were doubly vile?
And Jesus said, We cannot look upon a single span of life and judge anything.  There is a law that men must recognise; Result depends on cause.  Men are not motes to float about within the air of one short life, and then be lost in nothingness.  There are undying parts of the eternal whole that come and go, lo, many times into the air of earth and of great beyond, just to unfold the God-like self.



A cause may be part of one brief  life; results may not be noted until another life.  The cause of your results cannot be found within my life, nor can the cause of my results be found in yours.  I cannot reap except what I sow and I must reap whate’er I sow, The law of all eternities is known to master minds; Whatever men do unto other man the judge and executioner will do to them.

 We do not note the execution of this law among the sons of men.  We note that the weak dishonored, trampled on and slain by those men called strong.  We note that men with wood like heads are seated in the chairs of state; are kings and judges, senators and priests, while men with giant intellects are scavengers about the streets.

We note that women with a moiety of common sense, and not a whit of any other kind, are painted up and dressed as queens, Becoming ladies of the courts of puppet kings, because they have the form of something beautiful; while God’s own daughters are their slaves, or serve as common laborers in the field.

The sense of justice cries aloud; This is travesty on right.

So when men see no further then one little span of life it is no wonder that they say, There is no God, or if there is a God he is a tyrant and should die.  If you would judge aright of human life, you must arise and stand upon the crest of time and note the thought and deeds of men as they have come up through the ages past;  

For we must know that man is not a creature made of clay to turn again to clay and disappear.  He is part of the eternal whole. There never was a time when he was not; a time will never come when he will not exist.                
And now we look; the men who now are slaves were tyrants once; the men who now are tyrants have been slaves.  The men who suffer now once stood aloft and shouted with a fiend’s delight while others suffered at their hands.

And men are sick, and halt, and lame and blind because they once transgressed the laws of perfect life, and every law of God must be fulfilled.  Man may escape the punishment that seams but due for his misdoings in this life; but every deed and word and thought has its own metes and bounds, Is cause, and has its own results, and if a wrong be done, the doer of the wrong must make it right. And when the wrongs have all been righted then man will arise and be at one with God.
Aquarian Gospel 114;19